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The Past is Continuing – Drinking in Ranges, Feasting on Peaks

The Past is Continuing – The Eternal Phoenix

Double Vision – Midnight Mountaineering


Say Hello to Hello

Remaster vs Appropriating the Classics

All About Poetry – Southern District Literature Day


Uncertainty Principle

Fine Art Asia 2013

Taehwa River Eco Art Festival 2013


"Black Market" Flash Art Exhibition

Philosopher's (knock-off) Stone: Turning Gold into Plastic

OSAGE Pop-Up Art Market


Scalable Strategies

Space@West Kowloon - Hong Kong Sculpture Biennial

In the Arms of Void

Wearable Exhibition - Bring Art Everywhere


Paper Tales Exhibition

Fine Art Asia 2011

LANDSCAPES - Gyeonggi Creation Center, South Korea

Dreaming Everywhere

Love the Future

Bittersweet - A Mixed Media Solo Exhibition

Primitive Contemporary III series -
    Primitive Craftsmanship ‧ Contemporary Sculpture

Seven Bamboo "Song Bags"


"Green X’mas@CDAV" Community Art Program

Touching Art: Louvre's Sculptures in Movement

Eastern District Arts Festival - Eastern Art Bus

Wongok-dong Recipe, Litmus, South Korea

The Layman Life Exhibition

Food Art Festival "Savor Art !" Exhibition

See-Through - From Hollywood to Shanghai
    Hok-Shing Grocery - A Century-old Shop

    (Used Goods  Collection and Exchange Project)

Urban Ark (Theatre Installation)


CUHK The Fourth Chung Chi Christian Festival

Heritage X Arts X Design

The Missing Parts

Poetic Scene


Hiking Arte - Travelling in Imaginary Landscape

Reborn - The Silk Road Arts Exhibition


Art on the Road


Reversed Reality - Worksound, Portland, USA

Artists in the Neighbourhood Scheme IV

Master Mind 2008

Art Container Project

Artists in the Neighbourhood Scheme IV Launching Exhibition


Paradigm Shift

Order - Recordation of Personal Action


"Away" Group Exhibition of Hong Kong Contemporary

     Visual Artists

In-Between Meals


Bodily Life

The Art School, Hong Kong Arts Centre Diploma in Fine

    Arts Graduation Show


Reversed Reality



Lan Su Yuan Recreated


Worksound, 美國波特蘭

Worksound, Portland






Portland and Suzhou became sister cities in 1988.  Portland Classical Chinese Garden was opened in September 2000. The Garden is located on a common land and run by a non-profit organization, “Portland Classical Chinese Garden”. Chinese Garden designers and craftsmen from China were invited and built the Garden according to the design from Ming Dynasty as an authentic scholar’s garden in Suzhou. The aim of the Garden is to cultivate an interest of Chinese culture in the local community. In the meantime, the Garden is also a testimony of the friendly cultural exchange between the two sister cities.


This work is named “Lan Su Yuan Recreated ”(再現蘭蘇園). Collecting materials from the neighbourhood such as abandoned stuffs and garbage was the first step in creating this work. With these abandoned materials, a local Portland-styled “Lan Su Yuan” was created. After talking with some locals residing in Portland, it was found that most of them have not visited “Lan Su Yuan” before. Their feelings towards a Chinese garden in a Western city were mixed with unfamiliarity and foreignness. Therefore, this work was made with materials they are familiar with so as to recreate “Lan Su Yuan” in a new way, and yet retaining the essence of traditional Chinese culture.


There are nine scenic spots in “Lan Su Yuan”, which are

錦雲堂 Hall of Brocade Cloud,

畫舫煙雨 Painted boat in Misty Rain

鎖月亭 Moon-locking Pavilion

涵虛閣 Tower of Cosmetic Reflection

半窗擁翠 Half a window Clustered in Green

沁香仙館 Celestial House of Permeating Fragrance

浣 花春雨榭 Flowers Bathing in Spring Rain

倒影清漪軒 Reflections in Clear Ripples

知魚亭 Knowing the fish Pavilion


“Lan Su Yuan Recreated” is a compilation of nine works which were based on the nine scenic spots in “Lan Su Yuan”, including


錦雲 Brocade Cloud

畫舫煙雨 Painted boat in Misty Rain,

鎖月 Moon-locking

涵虛 Cosmetic Reflection

半窗擁翠 Half a window Clustered in Green

沁香 Permeating Fragrance

浣花春雨 Flowers Bathing in Spring Rain

倒影清漪 Reflections in Clear Ripples

知魚 Knowing the fish

The works preserve the original meaning of the scenic spots and are expressed in a poetic way.

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