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The Past is Continuing – Drinking in Ranges, Feasting on Peaks

The Past is Continuing – The Eternal Phoenix

Double Vision – Midnight Mountaineering


Say Hello to Hello

Remaster vs Appropriating the Classics

All About Poetry – Southern District Literature Day


Uncertainty Principle

Fine Art Asia 2013

Taehwa River Eco Art Festival 2013


"Black Market" Flash Art Exhibition

Philosopher's (knock-off) Stone: Turning Gold into Plastic

OSAGE Pop-Up Art Market


Scalable Strategies

Space@West Kowloon - Hong Kong Sculpture Biennial

In the Arms of Void

Wearable Exhibition - Bring Art Everywhere


Paper Tales Exhibition

Fine Art Asia 2011

LANDSCAPES - Gyeonggi Creation Center, South Korea

Dreaming Everywhere

Love the Future

Bittersweet - A Mixed Media Solo Exhibition

Primitive Contemporary III series -
    Primitive Craftsmanship ‧ Contemporary Sculpture

Seven Bamboo "Song Bags"


"Green X’mas@CDAV" Community Art Program

Touching Art: Louvre's Sculptures in Movement

Eastern District Arts Festival - Eastern Art Bus

Wongok-dong Recipe, Litmus, South Korea

The Layman Life Exhibition

Food Art Festival "Savor Art !" Exhibition

See-Through - From Hollywood to Shanghai
    Hok-Shing Grocery - A Century-old Shop

    (Used Goods  Collection and Exchange Project)

Urban Ark (Theatre Installation)


CUHK The Fourth Chung Chi Christian Festival

Heritage X Arts X Design

The Missing Parts

Poetic Scene


Hiking Arte - Travelling in Imaginary Landscape

Reborn - The Silk Road Arts Exhibition


Art on the Road


Reversed Reality - Worksound, Portland, USA

Artists in the Neighbourhood Scheme IV

Master Mind 2008

Art Container Project

Artists in the Neighbourhood Scheme IV Launching Exhibition


Paradigm Shift

Order - Recordation of Personal Action


"Away" Group Exhibition of Hong Kong Contemporary

     Visual Artists

In-Between Meals


Bodily Life

The Art School, Hong Kong Arts Centre Diploma in Fine

    Arts Graduation Show

明月出天山,蒼茫雲海間。 長風幾萬里,吹度玉門關。
漢下白登道,胡窺青海灣。 由來征戰地,不見有人還。
戍客望邊色,思歸多苦顏。 高樓當此夜,歎息未應閒



(1) 偶遇李白之再詠《關山月》- 蒼茫雲海間

Title:" Re-encounter with Li Bai  - The moon at the fortified pass" - In an infinite haze of cloud and sea



Wood, Metal, Acrylic, Traditional Chinese painting pigment



1.162cm x 30cm x 30cm

2.142cm x 30cm x 30cm

3.123cm x 25cm x 25cm

4.103cm x 20cm x 20cm

5.85cm x 20cm x 20cm





(2) 偶遇李白之再詠《關山月》- 明月出天山

Title:" Re-encounter with Li Bai  - The moon at the fortified pass" - The bright moon lifts from the Mountain of Heaven


木, 舊木桌面, 塑膠顏料, 國畫顏料、夜光劑

Wood, Old wood tabletop, Acrylic, Traditional Chinese painting pigment, Fluorescence


96cm x 90cm x 22cm





(3) 偶遇李白之再詠《關山月》- 吹度玉門關

Title:" Re-encounter with Li Bai  - The moon at the fortified pass" –The wind Beats at the Jade Pass battlements


木, 樹枝, 塑膠顏料, 國畫顏料、

Wood, Branch, Acrylic, Traditional Chinese painting pigment


150cm x 230cm x 10cm



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