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The Past is Continuing – The Eternal Phoenix

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Fine Art Asia 2013

Taehwa River Eco Art Festival 2013


"Black Market" Flash Art Exhibition

Philosopher's (knock-off) Stone: Turning Gold into Plastic

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Scalable Strategies

Space@West Kowloon - Hong Kong Sculpture Biennial

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Wearable Exhibition - Bring Art Everywhere


Paper Tales Exhibition

Fine Art Asia 2011

LANDSCAPES - Gyeonggi Creation Center, South Korea

Dreaming Everywhere

Love the Future

Bittersweet - A Mixed Media Solo Exhibition

Primitive Contemporary III series -
    Primitive Craftsmanship ‧ Contemporary Sculpture

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Master Mind 2008

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Paradigm Shift

Order - Recordation of Personal Action


"Away" Group Exhibition of Hong Kong Contemporary

     Visual Artists

In-Between Meals


Bodily Life

The Art School, Hong Kong Arts Centre Diploma in Fine

    Arts Graduation Show



A Mixed Media Solo Exhibition by Hanison, Lau Hok-shing



TEDA Contemporary Art Museum, Tianjin CHINA



Curator: Yu Kei-kei














Do you still remember the dream when you were young?


The term of desire is often used and discussed from different perspectives of religion, philosophy or art. In this exhibition, artist recalls his childhood dreams and desires to create a series of poetic works in a contemporary expression. Each work is visually loveable, but in fact it is a bittersweet desire.


The idea of this exhibition Bittersweet is original from one of the eight kinds of suffering in Buddhism: Suffering of not getting what one wants. The eight sufferings included Suffering of Birth, Suffering of Old Age, Suffering of Sickness and Suffering of Death, these are the natural physical sufferings; Suffering of being apart from the loved one, Suffering being together with the despised one. Suffering of not getting what one wants and Suffering of the flourishing of the Five Skandhas, these are the mental sufferings. We are living in the world of color, sound, smell, taste and touch. Some people are seeking for wealth, sex, food, fame or sleep. Dissatisfaction brought us to the suffering of not getting what we want. However, is it the true happiness of getting all?


Contemporary art tends to concern the status of individual life, audiences could interpret the works through their personal experiences. The exhibition Bittersweet preserves a bigger room for the audience to explore the topic.


Hong Kong artist Hanison, Lau Hok-shing stayed in Tianjin TEDA Contemporary Art Museum for 2 weeks. During the time, he made more than 10 pieces of works on site. Each work presents an integration of childhood and adult desires.


The five skandhas are form, consciousness, feeling, perception, and formation.
















Seeking Material

It is nothing complicated to ask for when young, what you need is just a sense of security and joy that brought from objects; lying on the blanket, putting your hand inside the rich container or creating a little playing corner at home.


Seeking Height

When growing up, the society somehow has given a certain height for us to pursue. When the reality tells us there is a distance to our ideal height. What can we do? Do we need more courage? Or patience? Travel around the world might be the dream for many people, a terrestrial globe is set higher than eye level, and our sight was re-adjusted. When the time passed, untouchable balloons are falling slowing on the floor, jumping to catch is unnecessary anymore.



Seeking Crown

There is a hat represents of supreme power, is usually made by precious materials and stones, wore by monarch only. Now artist uses talc chalk (commonly used in the construction site) to make a crown and set on the floor, this work is tribute to the working class. The newspaper crown hanging up on a seesaw, whoever sitting on the crown side, they need someone else weight to raise them up, so to be crowned. Another hats were made from differnet maps, audience can wear it on and take photo. Recode this moment, the world is on your head.


Seeking Thought

Artist bought some old watches from the flea market, he believes these objects carry memories. Took away the times of the watches and replaced it by the picture of trees and flowers. An old umbrella handle leads artist to think of the story of “one step pavilion”. In ancient time, when its rain, people will wait under the pavilion until the rain stops. Therefore, the invention of umbrealla  allows people keep on walking, it marks the pursuit of living.

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