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Hanison Lau uses sculptural form to present his ideas; his 3-dimensional pieces speak some of his personal stories, presenting different visual elements with ready-made materials. He usually employs history and literature, especially adapted from Chinese culture as referential languages and properties to appropriate his works. He used sculpture and drawing to represent the poetic elements vested in contemporary visual art form, and his works demonstrate a strong record of personal action. 


Lau has now been working as an independent artist and Lecturer at Hong Kong Baptist University. He received his Bachelor Degree of Arts (Fine Art) and Master Degree in Fine Art at RMIT University in 2005 and 2007 respectively. He was selected as one of the highlighted artists by the Hong Kong Art Promotion Office for its “Artists in Neighbourhood scheme II 2008”. He took part in the Artist-in-residence project in Portland, USA in 2008 and South Korea in 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2014. In the last few years, he has been exhibiting his works extensively in USA, Paris, Australia, China and Hong Kong. His work has been collected by various local and overseas collectors.


2005年取得澳洲皇家墨爾本大學藝術學士學位,2007年完成該校的藝術碩士學位。自2003年起,劉氏積極參與多個本地聯展;2006及2008年曾於香港舉辦「規律 - 劉學成個人行動」,「詩前想後」,「乞泉齋內的水動山靈」,「測不準定理」及「向你好說你好」等多次個人展覽。2007年被選為香港藝術推廣辦事署「藝遊鄰里計劃」的推介藝術家之一, 2008年於美國波特蘭參與駐場藝術創作,2010至2014年次多於韓國參與藝術家進駐計劃。2011於中國天津舉辦「求不得」混合媒体作品個人展覽。曾於2004及2005年兩度入選「夏利豪基金會藝術比賽」。作品為中國、美國、韓國及香港等地的私人收藏家及公共機構收藏。






2006 - 2007       Master of Fine Art, RMIT University


2003 - 2005       Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art), RMIT University


2002 - 2003       Diploma in Fine Arts, Hong Kong Arts Centre, The Art School


1999 - 2001       Diploma of Graphic Design, Swinburne University of Technology (Melbourne, Australia)


1992 - 1998       St. Paul's College






2014                   "Say Hello to Hello"

                            Gallery EXIT, Hong Kong


2013                   "Uncertainty Principle Artwork by Lau Hok-Shing"

                            The A. Lift Gallery CHECKPOINT, Hong Kong


2011                   "Bittersweet - A Mixed Media Solo Exhibition by Hanison, Lau Hok-shing"

                            TEDA Contemporary Art Museum,Tianjin, CHINA


2010                   "See-Through - From Hollywood to Shanghai

                            Hok Shing Grocery – A centruy – old shop (Used Goods Collection and Exchange Project)"

                            Woofer Ten


2008                   "Artists in the Neighbourhood Scheme IV: Soulful Landscape within Qi Quan Zhai –

                            Works by Hanison Lau"

                            Exhibition Gallery, Tsuen Wan Town Hall, Hong Kong


2006                   "Order – recordation of personal action by Hanison Lau"

                            White Tube, Hong Kong Arts Centre


2006                   "Poem. Imagine"

                            Too Art Gallery, Hong Kong Arts Centre






2014                   "向你好說你好"



2013                   "「測不準定理」劉學成作品展"



2011                   "《求不得》劉學成混合媒體作品個展"

                            中國天津, 泰達當代藝術博物館


2010                   "「隔窗有嘢」4月展演:從荷李活到上海 - 百年老店之學成號雜貨——舊物交換與收集行動"



2008                   "藝遊鄰里計劃IV:乞泉齋內的水動山靈─劉學成作品展"



2006                   "規律 – 劉學成個人行動"



2006                   "詩前想後 - 劉學成個人作品展"







2015                    "The Past is Continuing", Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Hong Kong Heritage Museum

                             "Double Vision: Yang Kai and Lau Hok Shing Hanison", Lucie Chang Fine Arts & Fringe Club, Fringe Club

                             "MobArt Pop-Up Art Store Exhibition", MobArt x Detour, PMQ

                             "10th Anniversary Exhibition- In Conversations with 100 local artist, YY9, YY9 Gallery (Chai Wan)


2014                    "The Circle of ______", MobArt x Detour, PMQ

                             "Southern District Literature Day – All About Poetry"The Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation, Aberdeen                                      Promenade

                             "ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair", Gallery EXIT, Shanghai, China

                             "Tomorrow 64", Curator: Kacey Wong,

                             "Hong Kong Houseware Fair 2014", Pointsman Art Creation, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition                                             Centre

                             "Remaster vs Appropriating the Classics", VT Artsalon & am space, Taipei, Taiwan

                             "Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 2014 - Young Talent HK", Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

                             "Small is Beautiful V.5 - Small Sculpture Show", Leo Gallery, Shanghai, China

                             "Asia Hotel Art Fair Hong Kong 2014", The A. Lift Gallery, Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel

                             "Out of Light", The A. Lift Gallery, The A.lift Gallery, Fotan


2013                    "Citibank Plaza Recycled Nutcracker Project", The Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation, Citibank Plaza,                                           Central

                             "Fine Art Asia - "IMPERCEPTIBLE" Artworks by Tony NG Kwun-lun, KOON Wai-bong & Hanison LAU Hok-                                   shing", The A. Lift Gallery, Fine Art Asia, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong

                             "HKC Budget Art Fair 2013", Hong Kong Contemporary, Gloucester Luk Kwok Hong Kong

                             "Taehwa River Eco Art Festival 2013", TEAF, Taehwa River, Grand Park, Ulsan, Korea

                             "Hong Kong Art Basel 2013", Gallery EXIT, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong

                             "Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 2013", Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong


2012                    "Transformation & 8th Anniversary Show", YY9 Gallery (Chai Wan)

                             "「Black Market」 Flash Art Exhibition", Gresson Street Market in Wan Chai

                             "Hawkerama II @ Detour 2012", Former Wan Chai Police Station

                             "Philosopher's (knock-off) Stone: turning gold into plastic", OSAGE Kwun Tong

                             "Fabulous Romantic", SIGNATURE Fine Arts Gallery, Beijing CHINA

                             "Market Force Response Summer Pop-Up Market Art Exhibition", OSAGE Kwun Tong

                             "Hong Kong August《 In The Mood For Art 》", Mong Kok, Fa Yuen Street & Nullah Road

                             "Hawkerama Art Exhibition", Mong Kok, Fa Yuen Street & Nullah Road

                             "Scalable Strategies", Galley EXIT, Southsite

                             "LINES – Joint Exhibition of Five Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Young artists",

                             SIGNATURE Fine Arts Gallery, Beijing CHINA

                             "Space@West Kowloon—Hong Kong Sculpture Biennial 2012", Hong Kong Central Library

                             "In the Arms of the Void 져버려진 곳의 품안에서", Pink Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

                             "Wearable Exhibition – Bring Art Eveywhere", Around the artist studio in Fo Tan, Hong Kong

                             "Lucky 13 - To Kwa Wan Thirteen Streets Community Art Program", Artist Commune, Cattle Depot

                             "Hong Kong Contemporary Visual Artists Celebrating the BLOOMSOM of West Kowloon Cultural                                                   District 2 Wheel Party at West Kowloon", West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade


2011                    "MaD@West Kowloon, Let’s own it! – Wall-less Art Complex", West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade

                             "Paper Tales Exhibition", ArtisTree – Swire Island East

                             "Fine Art Asia 2011", Hong Kong Art School, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

                             "LANDSCAPES", Gyeonggi Creation Center

                             "Love the Future Art and Poetry Exhibition", Art Island East

                             "Primitive Contemporary III” series — “Primitive Craftsmanship‧Contemporary Sculpture",

                             C&G Artpartment, Tai Tong Lychee Village


2010                    "Green X’mas Art Exhibition", Artist Commune of Cattle Depot

                             "Touching Art: Louvre’s Sculpture in Movement Exhibition", Hong Kong Museum of Art

                             "Eastern District Arts Festival - Eastern Art Bus", Streets of Hong Kong

                             "Asian Art Invitation Exhibition", Redtory Art and Living District, Guangzhou, China

                             "Exhibiting Experiments.Experimenting Exhibitions 4: Untitled Exhibition",

                              Wrongplace, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre

                             "2010 Air Program in Litmus ”Wongok-dong Recipe", Community Space Litmus, South Korea

                             "Exhibiting Experiments.Experimenting Exhibitions 3: Degenerate Art Exhibition",

                              Wrongplace, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre

                             "The Layman Life Exhibition", The Conservancy Association Centre for Heritage

                             "Food Art Festival “Savor Art !” Exhibition", K11

                             "Exhibiting Experiments.Experimenting Exhibitions 2: Out of the Box",

                              Wrongplace, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre

                             "Exhibiting Experiments.Experimenting Exhibitions 1: Exhibition as Rashomon",

                              Wrongplace, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre 

                             "Shifting Topography", Hanart Square, Hanart

                             "Silence", Blue Lotus Gallery, Fotan

                             "CUHK The Fourth Chung Chi Christian Festival“, The Chinese University of Hong Kong,

                             "The Missing Parts - A Study on Functional Object", The PaoGallery, Hong Kong Arts Centre

                             "Heritage X Arts X Design", Former Police Married Quarters, Hollywood Road‏

                             "Poetic Scene", YY9


2009                    "Hiking Arte - Travelling in Imaginary Landscape", K11

                             "Reborn - The Silk Road Arts Exhibition", Harbour City Ocean Terminal; New Town Plaza Phase I L1

                             "Dwelling", OSAGE Kwun Tong

                             "Art on the Road", Streets of Hong Kong

                             "ArtLARM Market@ Tit Hong Lane Central", Shop No.6, Tit Hong Lane Central

                             "Reversed Reality", Olympian City


2008                    "Reversed Reality", Worksound, Portland, USA

                             "Hong Kong Arts Centre 30th Anniversary Award - Exhibition of Competition Entries",

                              Jockey Club Gallery & Experimental Gallery, Hong Kong Arts Centre

                             "Master Mind 2008 - Master of Fine Art Graduation Show 2008",

                             The Pao Gallery, Hong Kong Arts Centre

                             "Art Donation Box Project", Artist Commune, Cattle Depot

                             "Art Container Project", West Kowloon Cultural District

                             "Artists in the Neighbourhood 4 Launching Exhibition",

                             Exhibition Hall Hong Kong City Hall Low Block


2007                    "The Preview of New West Kowloon Exhibition Venue", C&G Artpartment

                             "Think After Ink – A new interpretation of brush and ink by Hong Kong artists", Blue Lotus Gallery

                             "In visible", White Tube, Hong Kong Arts Centre

                             "Variances in Singular", Too Art Gallery

                             "Episode II - Read Différance", Room 221, Wah Luen Industrial Building, Fotan, Hong Kong 

                             "Almost 18", White Tube , Hong Kong Arts Centre


2006                    "Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden– Art & Environment Programme",

                              Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden

                             "Poem. Imagine 2", Para/Site Central in Hanart

                             "Paradigm Shift – BA (Fine Art) Graduation Show", The Pao Gallery, Hong Kong Arts Centre

                             " “Away” Group Exhibition of Hong Kong Contemporary Visual Artists", 1a space, Cattle Depot


2005                    "Pre work", Too Art Gallery, Hong Kong Arts Centre

                             "In-Between Meals", ARTtube@MTR, Central Station

                             "POKH MORF FROM HKOP Printmaking Exhibition", Habitus

                             "Crossing Path", YY9 Gallery

                             "The Philippe Charriol Foundation 19Th Art Competition Exhibition", Hong Kong Culture Centre

                             "Toy’s Story", Hong Kong Culture Centre


2004                    "Bodily Life", White Tube, Hong Kong Arts Centre

                             "The Philippe Charriol Foundation 18Th Art Competition Exhibition", Hong Kong Culture Centre

                             "The Art School, Hong Kong Arts Centre Diploma in Fine Arts Graduation Show",

                              The Pao Gallery, Hong Kong Arts Centre


2003                    "The Exhibition of Shoot to Origin (al) Photo Competition", The Pao Gallery, Hong Kong Arts Centre

                             "The Art School, Hong Kong Arts Centre Diploma in Fine Arts Graduation Show",

                              Hong Kong Arts Centre

                             "Residency Project for Internation Renowned Visual Artists – Xu Bing’s Artists – in – residency

                              Workshop Exhibition", The Pao Gallery, Hong Kong Arts Centre

                             "The Roof of Floor 14", Atelier 47

                             "GIRL BOY GIRL GIRL GIRL", The Art School East Town Learning Centre Gallery






2015                    "時間遊人", 香港文化博物館, 香港文化博物館

                             "山外山 - 楊凱、劉學成雙個展", Lucie Chang Fine Arts & 藝穗會, 藝穗會

                             "MobArt Pop-Up Art Store Exhibition", MobArt x Detour 游藝, 元創方

                             "YY9 畫廊十週年紀念展覽-- 對話", YY9, YY9 畫廊 (柴灣)


2014                    "圓之____", MobArt x Detour 游藝, 元創方

                             "南區文學日─詩詩細語遊藝會", 香港青年藝術協會香港仔海濱公園

                             "上海廿一當代藝術博覽會禢善勤", 安全口畫廊, 中國上海

                             "明日六四", 策展人: 黃國才,

                             "香港家庭用品展2014", 點子藝術創作, 香港會議展覽中心

                             "復辟 vs 挪用經典 港台交流展", 非常廟藝文空間, 台灣台北

                             "Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 2014 - Young Talent HK", 香港會議展覽中心

                             "Small is Beautiful V.5 - Small Sculpture Show", 獅語畫廊, 中國上海

                             "亞洲頂級畫廊酒店藝術博覽會2014", 提•藝廊, 香港馬哥孛羅酒店

                             "《闇室》藝術家聯展", 提•藝廊, 提藝廊, 香港火炭


2013                    "胡桃夾子再造計劃展覽", 香港青年藝術協會, 中環花旗銀行

                             "典雅藝博 2013 - 《潛移「墨」化》吳觀麟、管偉邦、劉學成作品", 提藝廊, 香港會議展覽中心

                             "「香港當代」藝術展 2013", 香港當代, 香港灣仔六國酒店

                             "韓國太和江國際生態藝術節2013", TEAF, 韓國蔚山市太和江森林公園

                             "香港巴塞爾藝術展2013", 安全口畫廊, 香港會議展覽中心

                             "Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 2013", 香港會議展覽中心


2012                    "Transformation & 8th Anniversary Show", YY9 Gallery (柴灣)

                             "黑市藝術快閃展", 灣仔機利臣街街市

                             "排檔藝術嘉年華II@ Detour 2012", 前灣仔已婚警察宿舍

                             "煉銀術-從煉金到煉膠", 奧沙觀塘

                             "盈彩 · 風流 - 港澳臺城市生活藝術展", 中國北京善美當代藝術畫廊

                             "回應Market Forces - 夏令藝術跳蚤市場", 奧沙觀塘

                             "香港八月「藝術.家.年華」", 香港旺角花園街及水渠道

                             "排檔藝術嘉年華@花園街", 香港旺角花園街及水渠道

                             "伸縮計", 安全口畫廊 Southsite

                             "線 – 港澳臺青年藝術家五人展",中國北京善美當代藝術畫廊

                             "西九空間 - 香港雕塑雙年展2012", 香港中央圖書館展覽廳

                             "In the Arms of the Void 져버려진 곳의 품안에서", Pink Gallery, 韓國首爾

                             "帶著藝術周圍走", 香港火炭區黃竹洋街及桂地街內的藝術家工作室

                             "13吉祥-十三街新春社區藝術計劃", 牛棚藝術村藝術公社

                             "香港當代視覺藝術界慶祝西九文化區百花齊放大匯展2 - 西九推車黨", 西九海濱長廊


2011                    "《MaD@西九》- 無硬件藝術中心", 西九龍海濱長廊

                             "Paper Tales 紙藝裝置展覽", 香港藝術學院, 香港會議展覽中心

                             "典雅藝博2011", 太古港島東康和大廈 ArtisTree

                             "LANDSCAPES", 韓國京畿道創作中心

                             "愛未來藝術展覧", Art Island East

                             "《原始當代‧三》計劃系列 之《原始刻劃‧當代雕塑》立體藝術作品展覽", 大棠荔枝園

                             "東九龍文化藝術播種計劃「木.棉-公共空間藝術展覽」展覽", 黃大仙廣場


2010                    "香港當代視覺藝術界慶祝西九文化區百花齊放大匯展", 西九龍文化區

                             "《再造聖誕》藝術展覽", 牛棚藝術村藝術公社

                             "羅浮宮雕塑全接觸藝術教育展", 香港藝術館

                             "東區文藝節《Arts Festival "東區藝術巴士展覽 》", 香港街道

                             "亞洲藝術邀請展", 中國廣州紅專廠

                             "展覽實驗.實驗展覽 展覽實驗四《無題展》", Wrongplace, 賽馬會創意藝術中心

                             "2010 Air Program in Litmus ”Wongok-dong Recipe", 韓國安山 Community Space Litmus

                             "展覽實驗.實驗展覽 展覽實驗三《香港當代藝術 - 墮落展》", Wrongplace, 賽馬會創意藝術中心

                             "利民生活", 長春社文化古蹟資源中心

                             "藝滋味「味不可言」展覽", K11

                             "展覽實驗.實驗展覽 展覽實驗二《唔知啶》", Wrongplace, 賽馬會創意藝術中心

                             "展覽實驗.實驗展覽 展覽實驗一《展覽是羅生門?》", Wrongplace, 賽馬會創意藝術中心

                             "民間地圖志", 漢雅軒漢雅立方

                             "Silence", 火炭 Blue Lotus Gallery

                             "香港中文大學 崇基學院 第四屆崇基基督教文化節“, 香港中文大學崇基學院

                             "拾遺.補闕——實用器物研究", 香港藝術中心包氏畫廊

                             "港文化 港創意", 荷李活道已婚警察宿舍

                             "《遊詩源》作品聯展", YY9


2009                    "Hiking Arte - 卧遊想像的山林,靜觀心靈的風景", K11

                             "Reborn - 絲路之旅藝術展", 海港城海運; 沙田新城市廣場

                             "斗室", 奧沙觀塘

                             "藝術行街", 香港街道

                             "ArtLARM Market@中環鐵行里", 中環鐵行里6號地舖

                             "逆向.現實", 奧海城OC Gallery


2008                    "Reversed Reality", 美國波特蘭 Worksound

                             "「香港藝術中心三十周年藝術獎」參賽作品展", 香港藝術中心賽馬會展廊

                             "Master Mind 2008 - 藝術碩士課程畢業展", 香港藝術中心包氏畫廊

                             "藝術捐獻箱計劃", 牛棚藝術村藝術公社

                             "藝術貨櫃計劃", 西九龍文化區

                             "藝遊鄰里4揭幕展", 香港大會堂低座展覽廳


2007                    "《西九新展場‧預展》藝術展覽", C&G 藝術單位

                             "墨而後思", 火炭 Blue Lotus Gallery

                             "In visible", 香港藝術學院白管子畫廊

                             "《獨一有異》藝術聯展", 香港藝術中心二樓原作

                             "Episode II - Read Différance", 火炭二樓五仔

                             "《Almost 18》藝術聯展", 香港藝術學院白管子畫廊


2006                    "嘉道理農場暨植物園 - 環境與藝術2006《是樹不是樹》環境藝術雕塑裝置展", 嘉道理農場

                             "詩前想後 2", 中環漢雅軒寄隅

                             "《典範轉移》藝術學士學位課程畢業展", 香港藝術中心包氏畫廊

                             " 《出走》近代視藝創作群展", 牛棚藝術村1A空間


2005                    "《Pre Work》藝術聯展", 香港藝術中心二樓原作

                             "《飲食之間》藝術聯展", 中環地鐵站藝術管道

                             "POKH MORF FROM HKOP 版畫藝術展", Habitus

                             "《過道》藝術作品展", YY9

                             "第十九屆夏利豪基金會比賽入選作品展", 香港大會堂低座展覽廳

                             "《童玩童心》藝術展", 香港藝術中心二樓原作


2004                    "《活生生活》藝術作品展", 香港藝術學院白管子畫廊

                             "第十八屆夏利豪基金會比賽入選作品展", 香港大會堂低座展覽廳

                             "香港藝術中心藝術學院 藝術文憑畢業展", 香港藝術中心包氏畫廊


2003                    "《攝入原型》攝影作品展", 香港藝術中心包氏畫廊

                             "著名國際視藝工作者駐港計劃 - 徐冰工作坊展", 香港藝術中心包氏畫廊

                             "《十四樓天台》藝術聯展", 47工作室

                             "《女子女女女》藝術聯展", 香港藝術中心藝術學院畫廊






2014                    International Outdoor Art Exhibition of Korea DMZ Art Festival 2014, DMZ Art Festival Organizing                                              Committee, DMZ, South Korea

2013                    Taehwa River Eco Art Festival 2013, TEAF, Ulsan, South Korea

2011                    Gyeonggi Creation Center, South Korea

2011                    TEDA Contemporary Art Museum, Art Independent Forum, Tianjin, CHINA

2010                    Artist in residence project “Wongok-dong Recipe” in Ansan, South Korea, Community Space LITMUS,                                        Ansan, South Korea

2008                    Artist in residence project in Portland, USA, Worksound, Portland, USA






2014                    韓國非軍事區國際戶外藝術展 2014, 非軍事區藝術節組委會, 韓國非軍事區  

2013                    韓國蔚山市國際生態藝術節, TEAF, 韓國蔚山市

2011                    韓國京畿道創作中心, 韓國

2011                    中國天津泰達當代藝術博物館, 藝術獨立論壇, 中國天津

2010                    韓國安山 Community Space LITMUS “Wongok-dong Recipe” 駐場藝術交流及創作, 韓國安山

2008                    美國波特蘭駐場藝術交流及創作, Worksound, 美國波特蘭






2014                    "Bier Sound", Blue House, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

2010                    "Urban Ark 2",  JCCAC, Black Box Theatre

2010                    "Urban Ark", Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre, Hong Kong






2014                    "棺材歌", 灣仔舊城區流動劇場, 香港故事館 - 灣仔藍屋 

2010                    "都市野人", 賽馬會創意藝術中心黑盒劇場

2010                    "都市野人2", 香港西灣河文娛中心文娛廳






2014                    Executive’s Award for Teaching Excellence, Hong Kong Society for Education in Art

2013                    Taehwa River Eco Art Festival 2013 - The Most Popular Artist chosen by citizens, TEAF, South Korea

2005                    Finalist in Philippe Charriol Art Foundation Annual Open competition, Philippe Charriol Art Foundation

2004                    Finalist in Philippe Charriol Art Foundation annual Open competition (Installation Art), Philippe Charriol                                  Art Foundation

2004                    Best Artwork Award - The Art School Diploma in Find Arts Graduation show, Hong Kong Art School

2003                    Merits Shoot to Origin (al) Photo Competition, MILK magazine

1998                    Scholarship (Fine Art), St. Paul’s College






2014                    「尋文化‧覓港情」教學實踐計劃 - 卓越教學設計奬, 香港美術教育協會

2013                    韓國太和江國際生態藝術節2013 - 最受市民歡迎作品奬, TEAF, 韓國

2005                    第十九屆夏利豪基金會比賽入選作品, 夏利豪基金會

2004                    第十八屆夏利豪基金會比賽入選作品 (裝置藝術), 夏利豪基金會

2004                    藝術文憑畢業展 - 最佳作品獎, MILK 雜誌

2003                    《攝入原型》攝影比賽 - 優異獎, 聖保羅書院

1998                    聖保羅書院獎學金 (藝術)

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