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The Past is Continuing – Drinking in Ranges, Feasting on Peaks

The Past is Continuing – The Eternal Phoenix

Double Vision – Midnight Mountaineering


Say Hello to Hello

Remaster vs Appropriating the Classics

All About Poetry – Southern District Literature Day


Uncertainty Principle

Fine Art Asia 2013

Taehwa River Eco Art Festival 2013


"Black Market" Flash Art Exhibition

Philosopher's (knock-off) Stone: Turning Gold into Plastic

OSAGE Pop-Up Art Market


Scalable Strategies

Space@West Kowloon - Hong Kong Sculpture Biennial

In the Arms of Void

Wearable Exhibition - Bring Art Everywhere


Paper Tales Exhibition

Fine Art Asia 2011

LANDSCAPES - Gyeonggi Creation Center, South Korea

Dreaming Everywhere

Love the Future

Bittersweet - A Mixed Media Solo Exhibition

Primitive Contemporary III series -
    Primitive Craftsmanship ‧ Contemporary Sculpture

Seven Bamboo "Song Bags"


"Green X’mas@CDAV" Community Art Program

Touching Art: Louvre's Sculptures in Movement

Eastern District Arts Festival - Eastern Art Bus

Wongok-dong Recipe, Litmus, South Korea

The Layman Life Exhibition

Food Art Festival "Savor Art !" Exhibition

See-Through - From Hollywood to Shanghai
    Hok-Shing Grocery - A Century-old Shop

    (Used Goods  Collection and Exchange Project)

Urban Ark (Theatre Installation)


CUHK The Fourth Chung Chi Christian Festival

Heritage X Arts X Design

The Missing Parts

Poetic Scene


Hiking Arte - Travelling in Imaginary Landscape

Reborn - The Silk Road Arts Exhibition


Art on the Road


Reversed Reality - Worksound, Portland, USA

Artists in the Neighbourhood Scheme IV

Master Mind 2008

Art Container Project

Artists in the Neighbourhood Scheme IV Launching Exhibition


Paradigm Shift

Order - Recordation of Personal Action


"Away" Group Exhibition of Hong Kong Contemporary

     Visual Artists

In-Between Meals


Bodily Life

The Art School, Hong Kong Arts Centre Diploma in Fine

    Arts Graduation Show

藝遊鄰里IV 揭幕展

Artists in the Neighbourhood Scheme IV Launching Exhibition



Exhibition Hall Hong Kong City Hall Low Block





山河 Land


木, 紙,墨(鉛筆), 水,絨布,

Wood, Paper, Pencil marks, Water, Velvet

80cm (L) x 60cm (W) x 130cm (H)









The ancient Chinese scholars viewed the cosmos with an exquisite sense of harmony. Cultural activities, such as Chinese calligraphy, painting, music, chess, poetry and flower viewing involve the state of being harmonious with the nature.


Traditional Chinese gardens demonstrate the appreciation of naturalism from an aesthetic point of view. The size and shape of this art piece is as delicately wrought as the stationery of the Chinese calligraphy. The material used in this art work is wood which imitates well as though it is made of solid rock and blurs the distinction between the organic and the man-made. This art piece represents the ancient Chinese garden from a new perspective.


A miniaturized garden that can be put on the desk is perfect for the hustle and bustle of the modern people. Not only can the observer enjoys and appreciates the garden at a close distance, but also they can have a chance to reflect their relationships with the mother nature.

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